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Why recruiting in Tech Matters

Low unemployment, matched with significant layoffs in industries such as tech, has created turbulence in finding and hiring the right people. Now more than ever, it is essential to utilize the experience, tools, and network that technical recruiters use daily to fill openings with suitable candidates.

An outstanding technical recruiter will have an understanding of the newest and most prominent technology in a given job market. They often have first-hand experience using the technology and know what it takes to succeed as a technical professional. They know the certifications, degrees, prior experience needed, and salary trends. These are difficult to comprehend when living and breathing technical hiring isn’t your company's only priority and sole purpose. Hard skills are fundamental in a technical role, but a good recruiter will asses soft skills and company fit to ensure they are a quality match for the client. They will source the best candidates, review resumes, schedule interviews, and implement tailored recruiting strategies.

External recruiting teams save the company time. Time is critical in the tech industry as falling behind on hiring the right people and filling urgent open vacancies could prevent a company from reaching its short & long-term goals. Outside recruiters can also deal with the more complex situations that could burden and stress your internal team, such as denying candidates, asking personal questions, and gathering feedback.

Specialized skilled tech jobs can be difficult to fill as they are in high demand. Knowing the industry and roles within are critical such as software engineer, data scientist, web developer, IT manager, information security analyst, software developer, systems analyst, and network architect. Outside recruiting companies understand how to hire these professionals.

The benefits of using a tech recruiter on an ongoing basis are prevalent. The longer you work with them, the more they understand your business and insight into hiring criteria. They will also reduce the stress once the candidate is hired, with less time spent on onboarding, training, and turnover.

As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. New technologies require skills that may not exist amongst many candidates. This begs the question, how do companies find the right talent in a small field of early technology innovators? The answer is to work with a recruiting company that not only has the tools to find these candidates but also the proper networks to tap into. It is easy to miss out on great candidates who have more skills than the job requires, but due to the changing nature of the tech landscape, these candidates are now open to more service oriented roles. For example, systems managers can be great senior service desk analysts and team leads. Their experience and project management skills give IT teams more flexibility in resolving service desk issues.

The tech world is very diverse, and the modern technical recruiter will help achieve your diversity goals. They prioritize the right people regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, and national origin—increased diversity results in increased productivity, creativity, and employee engagement. By finding and placing the right candidate you can elevate the overall performance of a team.

Hiring is a strategic decision and takes a lot of time & resources. The best way to find the right people and accelerate the hiring process is to use a technical recruiter!

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