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4 Advantages to Working with a Legal Recruiter

External legal recruiters will identify, screen, and place legal professionals in open positions with law firms and corporations of all sizes in a variety of industries. Working closely with clients to match the best candidate for the open position. There are four distinct advantages to hiring an external legal recruiter for all your hiring needs.

1. Expertise in legal hiring

Legal recruiters have industry-specific knowledge and expertise in the legal field. Having this knowledge improves the likelihood of hiring skilled legal professionals. An external search team will understand the unique experience, skillset, and qualifications that a candidate needs to succeed at your organization.

2. Time saved

Using an external recruiter will save a significant amount of time and work. The recruiter will conduct all the time-consuming tasks. These include not only the rewarding functions such as interviewing, offer/salary negotiations, and finding skilled candidates but also the more stressful and often tedious tasks such as chasing candidates, delivering rejections, and sifting through applications to find the right legal professional. This leaves you more time to focus on your business and its goals.

3. Access to a more extensive legal network

This is vital, and external recruiters have established networks that have been built over time and through years of networking in the legal market. They can reach out to experienced legal professionals who aren’t candidates yet or are in the beginning stages of looking for new employment opportunities. They will promote your company and sell the benefits of why they should work for you. Using discretion is critical as high performing and well-known legal professionals don’t want it public knowledge that they are in talks with other firms, which is second nature to a proficient recruiter.

4. Transparency

A well-rounded legal recruiter will give an honest opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate. Recruiters have a reputation for protecting and referrals to seek from companies with successful placements. Suggesting legal candidates that don’t meet expectations can result in unplanned expenditure, personnel disruption, and additional workload. With Secourra, you are building a partnership for your long-term goals.

Hiring an external legal recruiter provides several benefits, including having access to a larger pool of candidates, time-saving techniques, expertise in the legal field, streamlining the hiring process, and reduced costs. If you want to hire exceptional legal talent for your company, partnering with a legal recruiter can be a business-savvy investment.

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