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We source technical talent and all technology-based roles for clients across all sectors of the tech industry. In a constantly evolving industry, we adapt to ever-changing needs and job requirements to satisfy all our client's requests.

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Our detailed screening and interviewing processes finds uniquely qualified candidates who not only excel technically but are also a cultural fit. 


Secourra has an extensive and established network throughout the tech community to connect top-skilled employees to our clients. Our highly trained team will find and secure the best talent in the market

  • Computer systems manager

  • Network architect

  • Systems analyst

  • IT coordinator

  • Network administrator

  • Network engineer

  • Service desk analyst

  • System administrator (also known as sysadmin)

  • Wireless network engineer

  • Database administrator

  • Database analyst

  • Data quality manager

  • Database report writer

  • SQL database administrator

  • Big data engineer/architect

  • Business intelligence specialist/analyst

  • Business systems analyst

  • Data analyst

  • Data analytics developer

  • Data modeling analyst

  • Data scientist

  • Data warehouse manager

  • Data warehouse programming specialist

  • Intelligence specialist

  • Back-end developer

  • Cloud/software architect

  • Cloud/software developer

  • Cloud/software applications engineer

  • Cloud system administrator

  • Cloud system engineer

  • DevOps engineer

  • Front-end developer

  • Full-stack developer

  • Java developer

  • Platform engineer

  • Release manager

  • Reliability engineer

  • Software engineer

  • Software quality assurance analyst

  • UI (user interface) designer

  • UX (user experience) designer

  • Web developer

  • Application security administrator

  • Artificial intelligence security specialist

  • Cloud security specialist

  • Cybersecurity hardware engineer

  • Cyberintelligence specialist

  • Cryptographer

  • Data privacy officer

  • Digital forensics analyst

  • IT security engineer

  • Information assurance analyst

  • Security systems administrator

  • Help desk support specialist

  • IT support specialist

  • Customer service representative

  • Technical product manager

  • Product manager

  • Project manager

  • Program manager

  • Portfolio manager


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