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Are you a minority, woman, LGBTQ+, or veteran owned business wondering how to get more sales?

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How can your company get

more sales?

Secourra works with companies to review their third party spending and to recommend certified socially diverse supplier options to deliver the same set of services. We will then come to your company with a funded opportunity. We do all the work to find you new business.

Or, hire Secourra to help your certified socially diverse business find new sales. We don’t get paid until you sign a contract with these businesses.

What If My Business is

Not Certified?

Secourra offers a lower cost and lighter process to get certified as a socially diverse business. Our certification process does not replace industry certifications aimed at government work, but it prepares your organization towards this certification process when you are ready. Our process follows these simple steps.

  1. Verify that your business is a socially diverse business, and

  2. Understand what you do and the size of your team so that we can present your company properly.

    It’s this simple.

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Get More Sales

Learn more about how we can help your company drive additional sales.

This is a no risk inquiry for you. You don’t pay us unless we bring you new sales!