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Secourra adopts a diversity first approach in recruiting.

We embrace inherent diversity and acquired diversity in all of our recruitment processes.

Our access to a robust, skilled and diverse talent pool provides clients with the exposure and reach required to hire the ideal candidate.


Image by Christina @
Image by Christina @

Countless studies and statistics have been published showing the positive impact that diversity, inclusion, and equality in the workplace have for performance, creativity and innovation, and superior financial results. Yet, even in this age of increased awareness of diversity issues, not all companies know how to approach diversity and inclusion programs effectively. 


In a recent survey of chief diversity officers (CDOs) published in Hunt Scanlon Media:


• 53% reported being in their first job as a chief diversity officer.
• 62% said they were the first person to hold the role at their company.
• 84% reported that there was no strategic plan in place when they began.


Add to that the shifting perspectives on the definition of diversity itself, and it’s easy to see why so many companies are seeking strategic support on their D&I programs.

Transformational talent – when you need it

We fully understand the transformative power of great talent and its ability to turn potential into success. To meet this growing need for experience and advice, we have partnered with D&I experts nationally to work with companies looking for strategic support.

Our experts help deliver long-term value by providing strategic insight, external accountability, and expert guidance in developing strategy and programs and aligning goals, people, and processes.


The D&I business connection


Diversity and inclusion’s highest value comes when it is embraced not only as a set of HR initiatives but also as a holistic business program. Linking your strategy to include business and financial management leaders and influencers create this connection to deliver increased performance and financial value ultimately.


From mid-career to executive-level professionals, we believe that diversity drives innovation. Employers trust our strategic recruitment approach, as recent studies have demonstrated a strong correlation between diverse companies and market growth.

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