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Secourra works with Minority, Women and Veterans (Diverse Groups) owned businesses who are not certified to gain certification and access to corporate spending. Secourra’s Diverse Group Certification Process offers two benefits for companies to take this step.

The National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) offers a certification process for minorities who are interested in bidding for government contracts. This is a thorough process that some companies wait to pursue when they are ready.

The Secourra Certification process does not replace the NMSDC MBE Certification. The Secourra Certification provides a stepping stone process that costs $100 for an annual certification, and less than a month to complete. Minority businesses can utilize the Secourra Certification process to prepare for a more complex certification and to gain access to corporate spending budgets. The Secourra Certification process verifies similar factors to a traditional Minority or Women Owned Business verification process.


The Secourra Certification Process

Diverse Status

51%+ owned by a minority, woman or veteran. If a business is a minority owned business, major owners must be 25%+ Asian, Asian-Pacific, Black, Hispanic or Native American

Ownership Verification

Ownership and time in
business proof

Company Details

Company size, services provided and other information to help corporate buyers drive their spending decision

Tell Us More About Your Business

Let’s start the certification process by learning a bit more about your company.

Thanks for submitting!

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